Why Join Us?

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  • (Benefits for Members)
  • Some of the potential* benefits of joining Proxy Real Property Inc. are listed below:
  • Exclusive VIP Access - To have exclusive access to VIP Events.
  • Strong Voice - Proxy Real Property Inc. will be an organized and strong voice for the benefit of members.
  • Proxy Real Property Inc. will have more power to enter an exclusive co-op or selling agreement with developers, builders, and sellers.
  • Proxy Real Property Inc. will be a strong body in communication with CREA, RECO, TREB, other boards, brokerages and government agencies.
  • Proxy Real Property Inc. will have more power to nominate members for various related real estate organizations.
  • To have a more decent work ethic and trusting environment among members.
  • To be able to post exclusive listings among members and for potential buyers.
  • To take the advantage of group and discount pricing on all services you might use, such as home inspection, lawyer,mortgage broker,home staging, community media advertising, radio and TV advertising, promoting materials, credit courses, workshops, seminars, websites, etc, etc.
  • Proxy Real Property Inc. will have a professional and powerful website.
  • Participate in monthly networking meeting and events.
  • Attend courses and fulfill your mandatory continuing education requirements.
  • To have exclusive access to HAVES and WANTS list with Log-In members.
  • To be a member of a trusted and reputable organization
  • To be able to participate in professional, educational and motivational speakers.
  • Network with members of other associations and organizations.
  • You will be listed in our directory accessible 24/7 to all users.
  • To have exclusive access to the best and reliable mortgage brokers with no charge or at competitive prices.
  • Committees to participate in further engagement with members, or the Community.
  • To be able to offer exclusive and special services to the community.
  • Opportunity for members to participate in the community events.
  • To be a part of a great and strong network with a published specialty country-wide directory and referral system.
  • Members will have an exclusive access to a buyer agency agreement info centre.
  • Members will have access to an exclusive referral system.
  • To have access to updates and communication through Facebook, etc.

Members have a higher chance to get a listing because Proxy Real Property Inc. has a more proficient database of buyers.

* Some of these benefits such as VIP access are Proxy Real Property Inc. goals and Proxy Real Property Inc. does not guarantee them.
* All members and volunteers will try to reach these goals.

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